Nachume Miller

OverviewUntitled #12, .

Visual sense is the lab of Impressionism, whose paintings explore its boundaries and possibilities. Nachume’s sensual paintings don’t restrict themselves to the faculty of vision but, rather, invite all five senses to participate in a layered experience that creates, in its lines and flurrying emotion, three-dimensional worlds that seem graspable, travelable.

In previous series, Nachume referenced mostly pre-modern art, but here we see the shadow sides of Modernism’s many forms. In 'Diamond No. 4', Mondrian’s grid in relief is projected over dappled clouds of black and gray. The shapes of [need painting name] we see Pollock’s bold graphic pronouncements in delicate relief.

Nachume incorporates a variety of media into these works, such as oil combined with encaustic wax, but doesn’t imitate the hallmarks of any one of them: these works stand independently, creating a form based on tradition and skill but innovative and relevant to the present.

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