Nachume Miller

OverviewUntitled #66, 1995, 14" x 18", Oil on Canvas.

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The oil sketches of Nachume’s Cyberscapes series are not sketches in the traditional sense, but “quick” pictorial records that suggest the biological and chemical realities that enable ephemeral unrealities to exist.

Conjuring both organic and cyber neural networks, the dense but free strokes are themselves the cables of communication, speaking their own presence while containing the evanescent interstices of the unspeakable.

During the period of their creation, the cyber world of the Internet and digital communications was nascent in infiltrating our lives. The untamed quality of these graphic vines presciently forecasts the invasiveness that the ‘cyber’—a word with unavoidably futuristic overtones—would take on, multiplying the connections among us.

Cyber pathways are cool, geometric, controlled, but these paintings suggest the explosive, exponential, and unruly nature of what is bred when the biotic brain that created their technologies interacts with them.

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